Arctic Mission

Raider Bivouac 9000 indicates the Greenwich Mean Time

Welcome to Arctic Mission

An exploration programme, led by renowned explorer Pen Hadow and
skipper Erik de Jong, attempting the first voyage by yacht to the North Pole to conduct vital scientific research in this most unique and fragile environment.


Arctic Mission

On 14 August, Arctic Mission, led by British explorer Pen Hadow and skipper Erik de Jong, set sail on an amazing expedition by yacht to explore, discover and share the previously unseen wildlife and ecosystem of the ocean around the North Pole.

This voyage of discovery will also show why the survival of its wildlife may now face serious threats because so much of the summer-time sea ice no longer protects it from commercial exploitation.

So welcome aboard, as we make one of history’s most extreme and urgent voyages, putting everything on the line to explore this little-known and now vulnerable ecosystem in our planet’s overall life-supporting system.

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Map (unattributed) of Inuit language variants derived from Eskimo-Aleut across N America and Greenland. The Arctic Ocean’s northern coastline communities include Alaska/USA’s Qawiaraq and Inupiatun, Canada’s Sigitun (aka Inuktitut) and Greenland’s Avernersuaq (aka Kalaallisut).

... So here’s where we’ve got to with our capacity to remove mineral deposits from the seabed’s surface. As a young engineer, you cld devote your intellect to accelerating the depletion of your planet’s finite resources, or you cld devote it to ESSENTIAL renewables technology.

So here’s as good a date as any to mark initial human interest in minerals found on the surface of the seabed. Predictably, once their conversion from natural state to economic value was possible, we did what we’ve always done ... But I think the next generation may be wiser.

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